A battery 18650, 80W power received from it.

Tugboat X “fully” with both. A battery 18650, 80W power received from it. This amount is to take an important step S DRAG, but the battery, and the difference is minimal.

It seems with a nice facade and metal handle with soft skin on the back with the words tire caused incredible. There is also a color display, making it easy to check the evaporator the current configuration.

GENE.TT chip, the latest technology and VOOPOO Vinci is the best looking of them! With super-fast gating and coil protection functions they are certainly impressive.

voopoo drag x kit

Some go as a gimmick, and I’m still not sure if this is necessary, but the VOOPOO the power system a new “X. This drive system is essentially a variety of evaporator and the results take your score. Add grade specific minimum temperature is the “iron” and the highest rating is king “.

The tank is a victim of technology with comfort features of the car from the point of mixing. PnP adjusting the gain provided by the coil in a certain strength and excellent slip additive airflow.

Overall, I think to add this DRAG X area in serious competition with smock RPM80 and the other is. It seems to offer something for just about everyone, which only enhances their success.

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