Dry Herb Vaporizer – Functionality and Use

If you have found your way to this site because you finally want to switch to e-vaping, then one thing should be said at this point. Congratulations! Because you made the right decision. After all, there are numerous reasons why one should turn away from conventional cigarettes as soon as possible. But the consumption of dried herbs with electronic devices, so-called dry herb vaporizers , also has many advantages:

  • Less harmful to health: 95% fewer toxins enter your organism when vaping than when smoking conventionally. After all, you only inhale steam, whereas the much higher temperatures associated with normal smoking release numerous pollutants.
  • Greater effect: This will particularly please the friends of herbs. Because the effect achieved by any substances consumed is considerably higher when vaping, and the “high” is also more intense. You get more for your money, so to speak.
  • Cheaper: Speaking of money, in the long run vaping is also a lot cheaper than normal smoking. Hundreds of euros can be saved each year.

Dry herb vaporizer – structure

Some people still have an image of witchcraft in their head when it comes to vaporizers, but the structure of these devices actually only follows a very simple principle. The ingredients are warmed up by the vaporizers and, to put it simply, produce water vapor, which is then inhaled. There are four components that no vaporizer is missing:

  • Chamber: The vaper himself has to lend a hand here, because this is the location of your substances that are to be consumed.
  • Oven: In the oven, the ingredients are brought to temperature so that the steam can arise. Some devices do this by convection and some others by conduction, but the results are often very similar. We prefer heating by convection at this point, as it has been more successful in developing the taste in the past.
  • Air duct: The vapors flow through this before they are inhaled by the consumer. It ensures that the vapors are cooled.
  • Mouthpiece: Pretty self-explanatory, it connects to the air duct and is ultimately necessary for consumption. Here, too, there are differences in size, shape and length. Depending on your preference, individual preferences must determine the preferred mouthpiece.

Dry Herb Vaporizer – Use

how to use vaporizerBasically, the use of such devices is pretty obvious, after all, the respective vaporizer only has to be filled and you can start. But of course it’s not that simple. Finally, the device must be brought to a certain temperature. Expensive devices allow the exact setting of a desired temperature, while others only offer a few presets.

Before you can start filling, however, the herbs must be rubbed or, as the insider would say, grinded. So if you don’t have a grinder yet, now is the time to get one if you want to be successful at Dry Herb Vaping. Why is that so important? First of all, you make sure that the airflow and thus the air duct are not clogged. Furthermore, the effect, taste and thus the entire experience is a lot higher, as there is more surface area for your ingredients. This can not only be heated better, more surface also means greater effect.

Then the chamber should not be overfilled. Even then you run the risk of your vaporizer clogging!

We come to the correct setting of the temperature. We recommend beginners who are new to e-cigarettes vaporizers to choose the lowest temperature first. Then you can increase slowly as needed and will find your preferences later.

In conclusion: tips for beginners

Last but not least, we would like to give you a few tips that could be of great importance, especially for beginners in the field of dry herb vaping.

  1. Don’t get cocky: the cool vapors may feel at first as if the effect of Dry Herb Vaping is less powerful. In reality, however, it looks exactly the other way around, the effect is even higher. So make sure that when you inhale, firstly, you do not take too much per “hit” and secondly, not too many “hits” in a row.
  2. Always remember to take care of your vaporizer and clean it regularly. Otherwise you risk damaging the device from residues. In addition, dirt residues can be harmful to health and negatively affect the taste experience!

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