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Today I took a look at the latest series airistech switch herb sent for review by Sourcemore.

PAL popular series in 2019 thanks in part to the design of “baby box Tocho,” I have both the original PAL and PAL II Pro, so I was happy to see if the version of 18650, which is more like a box of banknotes put a decent price.

I show the Arteria PAL18650 device equipped with arms in the selected color on the front, and a table of contents, and an identification code on the back. Currently, only two colors: “nest of black bee”, which is what I have here, and the “curse of the Rainbow” (red). Inside, there is a box with the logo only simple enough blood, broken fingers lid for easy access and instruction manuals express elevator, where the rest of the kit are arranged in layers.

The device itself protected arms and the plastic panel also has a protective screen cover their models to better protect the finish during transport. USB-c and the second coil with basic afc in a small bag with a wide range of spare parts O-ring.


The size of 89 mm x 45 mm x 23.5 mm
Mag construction
PCTG reservoir 3 ml (2 ml for TPD)
only 18650
Amp charging through the USB 1.5-c
output 5 to 60 watts
Resistance is between 0.3 and 2.0 ohms

relx vape pods may seem a little more like PAL PAL II Pro as the original and surprisingly, not much more than the displacement of internal 1000mAh removable battery is 18650. This is still pretty soft, and aluminum alloy and construction support polycarbonate.

If you are wondering why some odd angles in the pictures, if the side panels are finished in mirror, so it can be used almost as a shaving mirror! catch them in the right light and if you really pop. Unfortunately, not much movement in the two panels that form a disturbing rattling noise, so if you are the type that was stirred with those things that could push the wall in a short time. The high gloss finish also has a bit of a fingerprint magnet.

Under the side panel is the battery tray button with spring pin on top, a sign of the battery could certainly become more obvious, but there is at least one band to aid in removing the battery. On the opposite side is the vehicle itself with small buttons and screen up / down. The appearance of the screen is exactly the same as in the PAL II Pro if you are a little older like me a drink and reading is a necessity here, I am happy to report that the noise disturbing Pro PWM not visible today, but it seems that all the new card, insert a battery also means that 18650 is now capable of delivering 60 watts are also adjusted from 5 to 60 watts in stages 0 5 watts.

Insert and remove the pods can be easier, unlike similar systems where to place the capsule at first base in the corner here, you should have lined up around the place, which makes me a little worried about the prospects of his axis of long-term feeding, which slightly reduced with chamfered edges on the basis of the air flowing through the same.

nokiva vaporizer is sufficient vacuum outside the airflow and a USB-c a side port and the tip 510 is compatible with drops on top.

There is a USB port LED backlight to display the approximate battery capacity, but it was so small, barely perceptible, if the use 0.96amps PAL18650 transports goods on board with what is fresh and pleasant needed. I’m happy to go with the standard 510 AIRISTECH because I just drop includes advanced drop just a bit too short to be practical. I think this style is also very useful kit for both right or left hand to make it perfect for everyone out there and given the power button is perfectly positioned in each hand.

The nacelle itself uses a standard platform / coil / afc assembly, but here the threaded base afc nacelle designs adjusting stimulation. PGT sense of construction must be resistant to most liquids and has a capacity of 3 ml (2 ml PAH area). down under the padded enough port on a ship that seems counterintuitive, but the arteries show full of flat device lies that works very well in practice and media design key hole that do not suffer from air pockets during the good filling disturbance.

PAL18650 IP support rollers, first seen in arteries and AIO coils to the previous version of HP PAL AIRISTECH. different sizes of drums and two different rooms AFC provided in the box. This package includes a direct IP 0.4ohm vaporizer lungs helical mesh is limited, and around the coil wire experience mouth HP. Several other HP coils provided so that if you have a favorite previous versions also work on a portion RBA is also available as a separate purchase.

I do not use IP coil before, so I’m very happy to try, which is estimated at 20 28watts, but it looks a bit better than the 30 private watts. decent taste, as you can expect from a coil mesh, and thinks that will not be satisfied with its performance. And a minimum of condensation in the tank too. HP reel also performed well, although my choice would mesh coil 0.6ohm in this application.


60 watts output
Good range of coils


the movement of the panel
small screen


If you are a fan of the arteries of the PAL series before but always hope you have a battery that is a little more then there is much to recommend here with the introduction of version 18650, without much increase in size. setting panel could be better, but I’m very difficult at this point that seems to me worse, so if you are in the market for a box-type device ingot could do a lot worse, especially with Sourcemores current price is $ 21.47.

It is very easy and simple to use this unit, five, click the shutter button to activate and five clicks on the fire button to turn it off, actually, there’s nothing complicated here, and you can not make adjustments here and taken all this choice very good camera for beginners.
In addition to the existing port USB charging LED, flaashes three times flashes blue when the camera lights and red three times when the computer is off.

This LED light is also a battery indicator. When the shutter button to herbva 5g is pressed lights up blue when the battery is more than 50% if the battery capacity is between 15% and 50% will be bright purple, and if the battery capacity is less than 15% to glow red.

1200mAh battery capacity, which is very good, and beginer can use this device for at least two days to recharge.
The device works like a mechanical model when the battery is fully charged 4.2 V output capacity and power output will be reduced by reducing the capacity of the battery and the device is closed to 3.2V.
The maximum time to charge the battery of 800 mAh, and will be completed very quickly, you can use the device while the charger. When PAL is in the charger, LED lights shine blue light and red light when the device is fully charged, stop light when the light is off, the device may be disconnected.

I must say that my friend is a very compact AIRISTECH, I like the way it was small and not heavy at all, it fits perfectly in your hand or pocket for this device, you can carry wherever you go.

At the top of the device there are drops of the tip, the tip 510 drops, and there are two O-rings. excellent position of the Council drops instead. I tried two different tables drips and color on the device, which is another advantage.
shutter button in the upper left corner of the device, and the fire button sprain, missfire never know what the shutter button, it works great and I like how it feels when I ‘I hit. Imagining all, it would be difficult to click on a shooting position, my cousin, is used for the side buttons, but after a day using this system very quickly m “is not used and now I think the key is placed perfectly.

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