Smok Air Conditioning – Air Cooling With a Fun Look and Feel

The first time I heard of SMOK? I’m not sure, because my knowledge of Smok products had nothing to do with them. But as time went by and I saw how incredibly popular they have become, and how many people I knew who were using them, I decided to give it a try.


A few days ago I got to try out my very own SMOK from the local drugstore. Now, let me say that I was pleasantly surprised about a number of things, including how easy they are to use and maintain. They really are a great way to stay cool in the hot summer months!

The first thing that I noticed about my Smok is that the instructions that come with it were clear and easy to understand. I appreciated that I did not have to pay for an expensive and intricate vaporizer product. In fact, you can use a much cheaper version at home than what I bought at the store! Since that first experience I have recommended this product to several people, and today they all swear by them.

If you are concerned that your kids will use it too much, or that it will smell funny in your house, you should know that the vaporizer is odorless. It has no scent and has been tested over again in various settings, such as a house, a car, and even in the office. Smok works extremely well in environments where there is no air conditioning, such as the car on the way to work or at home. I actually kept one in our car and it worked great for us for the entire trip.

In addition to being completely odorless, Smok works wonderfully to keep your mouth refreshed and hydrated. It has an ice pack built in, which is a great feature. We never got colds during the winter, and our breath smelled so fresh when we left the house each day. Another great feature of Smok is that it helps to drain the moisture out of your mouth. The ice keeps the moisture from building up in your mouth and throat.

Smok is great because it is very efficient in heating up the air inside your home. In the summer it worked great to keep the humidity down. We didn’t have to run the air conditioner as often. My wife even says she feels more rested and ready to go when we leave the house. When you use a humidifier with your Smok you only need to run it once, instead of multiple times throughout the day. This is a huge time and money saver.

Many people use a humidifier for their car too. There is nothing worse than a hot, sticky, uncomfortable seat that is calling your attention all day. Smok works great in the car because it offers a cool breeze from inside the car. On a hot day you don’t need to open up your windows to let the air in. Your car will stay nice and cool thanks to Smok.

Smok is portable and lightweight. It comes in a neat little case that easily fits into your pocket or purse. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve placed it on my desk at work and then gone to bed. I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined or broken. It’s just a simple, small and easy solution to an otherwise unpleasant situation. I highly recommend this product.

Smok comes in a variety of different varieties. There is the Smok Master Collection, which has a humidistat built right in. There is the Smok Frosty line which includes two trays, a cooler and a sprayer. There is also the original Smok line with the ice cooler included.

Smok air coolers come in both with a pre-cooled glass case as well as a kit. The pre-cooled cases allow you to place the humidistat right on your computer monitor. You don’t even need to open the case. You can just put the humidistat there and turn on your computer. The kit is convenient as it has everything you need to get the best out of your Smok mist machine. The kit comes with the humidistat, the compressor, instructions, replacement parts and the glass case.

All in all, Smok air conditioning is easy to use and add value to your home. This is a great alternative for those with little space for a big humidistat or for anyone that doesn’t enjoy the heat or the smell of a warm air humidifier. A small electronic cooler can be placed on a desk or shelf and you can cool off your computer, your clothes, your hair and your pets at any time during the day without having to get up to open and close a door or an appliance. When you have a cool mist machine you don’t have to leave your house to cool down. If you are running out of room in your basement or if you live in an apartment and don’t want to deal with a big bulky humidistat you should consider a Smok mist machine for your home.