Smok Trinity Alpha Kit Review — Anything Different From Lost Vape Orion

This seems to Smok accelerate the release of new products recently. Today we are here to examine the pod system Smok new kit – Smok Trinity Alpha kit. Before we begin, I ask that anyone here bought Orion Q vape missing or DNA pod kit yet? I’m sure you know a little more about the Lost vape Orion series. Well, you might find a reflection of the Orion kit at Trinity Alpha.



Dimensions: 91 x 16 mm 38X

Capacity: 2 ml / 2.8 ml

Coil: coil 0.6ohm North Mesh / Mesh-MTL North coil 0.8ohm

Power: 10-25W (SOFT / NORMAL / HARD MODE)

Battery Type: Built-in 1000mAh

Input voltage: 3.3V-4.2V

Output voltage: 2.4V-6V

Load current: 10.7A

Load voltage DC 5V 1A

Resistance Range: 0.4-1.4ohm

Package Contents:

Smok Trinity Alpha Battery

Smok Trinity Alpha Pod vacuum (2.8 ml)

North Mesh 0.6ohm coil

North-MTL 0.8ohm coil Mesh

1 x USB cable

1 x Manual

battery design


As I said above, you will find some reflections on the Trinity vape Lost Alpha Orion series on this kit. Maybe some people like to know what kind of “what is happening with this kit” when you see this image. LOL.

The battery is fully made of zinc alloy material with a surface process carefully polished. So you can find this kit so glittery and shiny under the light. rainbow colors always traditional kit colors pod. On each side of the battery design so as to provide a smooth shape resin touch feeling. But I’m a bit of a fear so easy to leave fingerprints on the surface and intermediate metal frame. The truth is that just what I was afraid. On the other hand, the appearance of colorful and shiny and clear enough sweet. Now keep in mind that this does not leave a scratch on this kit.

large fire buttons offer more convenience in cooperation. Compare with Orion Missing vape, no power mode function on this trinity alpha kit with a single button press to set. The hard mode / Normal / You can choose to use soft. And the appropriate power is 10W-25W.

Meanwhile, there is a security protection to the position of platforms – lock button on the pod cartridge. Unlike the magnetic connection design on the most pod kit, but it is the same as the Lost vape Orion series. Provide special locking button vaping safer if you have a baby that is still being played around you when you vaping. Personally, I would name the baby proof locks.


design Pod


Pod cartridge also comes with a special design in a way. filling filling pull-then-hole brand becomes easier. Compare with the design of the screw Lost vape Orion port, pull light switch and charging on alpha trinity simpler and more efficient. And you can also see the air hole in the charging port next pods.

Smok coil design inherited from the north, which means Trinity alpha pod compatible with North Smok rollers. Northern North mesh nets MTL 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm coil bobbin included in the package for a range of vaping experience and needs.

With the great success that the kit Smok has been done, there will be more of the same pod Smok coil design kit in the future. Well, you can see this coil design in a box kits – Morph kit 219. Check this kit here, you may find of interest.

Compare with Orion Missing vape?

Honestly, breakthrough and innovation is what we want to see in the market vaping. Of course, we need a mature technology in the kit vaping instead of semi-finished products. Orion lack vape, vape all love the happiest to see a single pod design of this kit. For now, Smok try to learn and reproduce the type of pod set. Meanwhile, they also make their own adjustments and changed to a single pod kit becomes easier to use. People can not understand why Smok take the path of reproduction because they really have the ability to create and innovate. I also do not know. But we, the fans and users vape, where there is a change, we salute and support.


Set aside in the same general design, trinity Smok alpha pod kit kit is undoubtedly brilliant. Make sure the coil design special representative and the excellent performance in this kit. By the way, do not forget the integrated 1000mAh battery. Because you can spend more than a day vaping. Honestly, I hope will be adopted design of traction and fill in more humane and more pod kit. Trust me, you want to try again after the silicon port connector you use the trinity of Alpha kit Smok.

Of course, I would recommend this person Smok Trinity Alpha kit.

Here: Smok Trinity Alpha Starter Kit 1000mAh


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