The Location of Your Vaporwave Store Matters

“Online Vape Store & Electronic Cigarette Superstores, EST. 2021. Our aim is to offer customers excellent products, quick delivery, good prices and excellent customer service.” This is the very first line from a well known online electronic cigarette shop. It might look like vaporware is just another website trying to sell vaporizers, but it isn’t.

vape store

Vaporwave is an e cigarettes store with an international internet presence that operates from Sweden. It offers more than just vaporizers: free samples of fruit flavored gums, candy and various other pastries are available within its website and it’s located in Sweden. The reason it is located within 1,000 feet of its competitors is because vaporware is located in Gothenburg, one of Europe’s most visited tourist destinations. That is why Vaporwave uses a strong green color scheme – green means safety. In this sense, Vaporwave really sells itself.

I’m not exactly sure what Vaporwave’s business model would look like, other than “better prices, fast shipping, quality customer service”. I suppose if it were selling vaporizers, it would be possible to “shop around” and compare prices. But let’s assume that Vaporwave is offering e-cigs, not vaporizers. How different could it be?

Well, first of all, you can find more products on vaporware than you would in a vaporizer, and the prices are generally better as well. If Vaporwave was in your city state, instead of a large city, say, Seattle, would you be tempted to visit Vaporwave? And if so, do you think that Vaporwave is better than local stores like AParker and Smoke labs?

Probably not. In fact, there is one key reason why I personally would rather go to a local vendor. That key reason is cost. The cost of running a vaporizer store versus running an online store that sells e-cigs is significantly higher. So, let’s say that we have a hypothetical Vaporwave store in our city state – we’ll call it Vape Seattle, because it’s a Vaporwave store in Seattle.

Here’s what happened when we did an online search for “Vaporwave in Seattle”. There were over twenty million results. Of those twenty million results, there were only two that we’re interested in, and they were listed right next to each other on the first page. So we went to search Google again, within about a hundred clicks. There were about eight other sites listed on the first page, and those sites had product information that we could read.

So, that gives us our first clue as to why it might be a good idea to open a vaporizer store within city limits if we wanted to sell vaporizers. In our hypothetical Vaporwave store, we found out that we would need about one hundred feet of storefront space to accommodate all the clients that we were going to be bringing into the store. Now, we don’t know how many customers we’re actually going to get in, but we do know that there wouldn’t be a lot of traffic coming in unless there was a very strong push from the local government. If the Vaporwave store was located in a very popular shopping area, there would obviously be a lot of people who would be interested in buying vaporizers from us.

In conclusion, I’m not a mind reader. I can only take things in stride what my studies have shown me. As far as vaporizers are concerned, if the local government is pushing for it, then I would think that we should jump at the chance to start selling vaporizers in Seattle. Whether or not it’s going to be successful or not, I don’t care, as long as we get the sales that we’re looking for.