Vapor Modifications

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become a very popular technology that is being used not just in businesses but also in consumer electronic products like mobile phones. One VoIP provider is Voopoo, who has spent many years creating state of the art VoIP products that will help consumers and businesses communicate effectively with each other. Let’s take a look at what Voopoo has to offer you.


Voopoo were first manufacturing digital cigarettes in 2021, quickly making themselves one of the earliest online vendors on the vaporizer scene. The entire company has been built around the basic principle that people should be able to create powerful, cost effective, long distance calls at home or on-the-go, and get optimal power levels for each individual application. The company has developed some amazing low cost VoIP telephones, vaporizers, clouds and starter kits as well as a drag max and drag 3 combo pack.

With Voopoo, every single piece of equipment you own can be configured and mixed together to create the ultimate vaporizer experience for yourself and your friends. There are two basic components that make up any Voopoo device and they are the Pod and the Processor. The Pod is what will house your phone and any accessories that you may want to use with it. The processor will be responsible for activating your device and then it will communicate with the Pod. When you want to use your VOIP device, simply activate your Pod and start talking! There are a wide variety of different Voopoo pods to choose from including blue, red, green, yellow and orange.

There are some fantastic features packed into the VOOPOO drag and vapor kit. This kit is a great choice if you are thinking about starting an electronic cigarette business or if you are just looking for a great alternative to cigarettes. The VOOPOO brand was created by the leading designer of the e-Cigarette industry and John Price. This was done in order to take Vaping to the next level and create an extremely unique product that had never been done before. Some of the features that are built into this awesome vaporizer include:

Most vaporizers and drag style units are very similar. The VOOPOO drag and vapor kit are no exception and this is what makes it so special. The design and quality of this kit rivals even the more expensive ones. There are four quality heat sinking techniques that are included. These heat sink techniques are a safety precaution and a means of making sure that the device is safe to use around small children.

It is important to keep in mind that the VOOPOO is actually a two piece unit. The electronics and the custom battery are attached to each other and will change the temperature of the vapor produced. If you do not have a lot of experience with mods then it is important that you follow the instructions included with your kit carefully. Failure to follow the instructions on your VOOPOO could have disastrous consequences.

You can also choose between two styles of battery that are included in the VOOPOO kit. The first style is a deep breath battery, which has an extremely low voltage and high wattage. The second style is a standard voltage battery but has a higher wattage than the deep breath model.

With the wide range of choices for a vaporizer like the VOOPOO, it is hard to decide on which one to get. I would definitely recommend the VOOPOO PNP modding kit over the standard style because the VOOPOO PNP is an extremely unique model and the overall build quality is extremely impressive. The VOOPOO PNP has a stainless steel body and a microwaveable ceramic cartridge for a super fast and super efficient modding experience. There are no manuals or user’s guides with this system so be careful when making your choice.