What is the harm (effect) of nicotine contained in tobacco?

The typical harmful substances contained in tobacco are tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine. Among them, nicotine is considered to be a highly addictive drug. Therefore, this time, I will explain in detail the effects and harms of nicotine on the human body. If you want to log out, please refer to it.

The adverse effects of nicotine on the body

It is said that tobacco contains more than 200 substances that affect health, among which nicotine is a representative substance in tobacco and has a strong dependence.

After ingesting nicotine, it secretes a lot of pleasure substance dopamine. The reason smoking makes you feel calm and relieves stress is that nicotine produces a lot of dopamine.

However, after about 30 minutes, the nicotine in the body is depleted and withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety and restlessness appear. Then, in order to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms, they fell into a cycle of searching for cigarettes again.

Heated tobacco also contains nicotine
Due to increased health awareness, the hosting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the promulgation of the Passive Smoking Countermeasures Act, attention is now focused on quitting smoking and reducing smoke. That’s where so-called heated cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (VAPE) came out.

Heated tobacco is a tobacco product that absorbs smoke by heating the leaves with batteries instead of burning the leaves like traditional cigarettes. Since its heating temperature is lower than fire, it has less smoke and smell, and it also reduces the substances that affect the human body.

However, when it is said that the nicotine in the heated cigarette is also zero, this is not the case. The general view is that although tar intake is lower than cigarettes, there is no significant difference in nicotine content. Even if you seem to be able to switch from cigarettes in wrappers to heated cigarettes to quit smoking, the reality is that you can’t get rid of nicotine addiction at all, so heated cigarettes are just a way to reduce smoke. let’s do it.

It is expected that tobacco regulations will become stricter in the future, so if possible, it is desirable to promote smoking cessation rather than reduce smoke. However, it is impossible to completely quit smoking by using heated tobacco as a tobacco product. In order to quit smoking, it is recommended to take an electronic cigarette (VAPE) with zero nicotine and zero tar, such as mybluTM.

Are there gender differences in the harm (adverse reactions) of nicotine?

According to the “Summary of National Health and Nutrition Survey Results” issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the smoking rate of adult men and women is decreasing year by year. In addition, it is well known that women are more willing to quit smoking, 26.1% of men and 39.0% of women. (Reference: Summary of the 2017 National Health and Nutrition Survey by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/10904750/000351576.pdf) From this result, only the above-mentioned common influence of men and women can be seen , The inherent risks of women have begun to become known.

Nicotine inhibits the metabolism of female hormones

It is said that the harmful substances contained in cigarettes (such as nicotine) have a great influence on ovarian function. It is well known that smoking can cause damage to the blood flow in the ovaries, shrink them, inhibit the metabolism of female hormones and reduce secretion. Decreased female hormones can cause women-specific problems such as discomfort, infertility and accelerated menopause. In addition, this may cause troubles specific to women, so it needs to be considered as much as possible.

Not only women, but also men! Nicotine is harmful to beauty and health
When harmful substances with “human body oxidation”, such as nicotine and tar enter the human body, a large amount of antioxidant vitamin C will be consumed. Vitamin C is an important nutrient for beauty and health regardless of gender, such as collagen production, immunity enhancement, anti-stress effect and anti-aging. If it is insufficient, it will have various effects on the skin and appearance age.

The daily intake of vitamin C is about 100 mg. It is said that smoking one cigarette consumes about 25 mg of vitamin C, so smoking four cigarettes consumes all the vitamin C needed for a day.

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are also popular with health-conscious celebrities

In June 2018, the Passive Smoking Prevention Regulations were passed. Many restaurants in Tokyo are bound by the law, and smoking indoors is prohibited in principle. In Japan, the wave of restrictions on smoking continues to flow in. As people’s health awareness increases, smoking is becoming a truly sultry world.

In this case, electronic tobacco (VAPE), known as new tobacco, is mainly popular among celebrities all over the world. The biggest feature is the absence of nicotine or tar. Inhalation is a liquid vapor containing aromatics, and you can enjoy various flavors. In addition, many products have stylish and sophisticated designs and have attracted attention as fashion items.

Electronic cigarette (VAPE) is also a breakthrough project to achieve smoking cessation. Paper cigarettes and heated cigarettes are taxable as “tobacco” because they contain nicotine, while electronic cigarettes (VAPE) with zero nicotine and tar are exempt from tax. In other words, according to Japanese law, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are not entirely “cigarettes.” Therefore, if you can switch from cigarettes to VAPE, you can enjoy the feeling of smoking and cut off the nicotine, that is, quit smoking.

In Japan, it is expected that smoking areas will continue to be restricted and smoking restrictions will become stricter. In this case, the nicotine and tar content of VAPE is zero. As a fashionable and fashionable product, you can enjoy various flavors, and the number of users will further increase in the future.

If you are beginning to worry about the health effects of tobacco on yourself and the surrounding environment, why not try a vape with zero nicotine and zero tar.

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