Which Vaping Battery Type to Buy?

When talking about green vaporizers and single use box mod style vaporizers, you might have heard some people calling them vapes. Some small-sized versions of single use vaporizers are also just called such because of the fact the entire vaporizer is made up almost exclusively of the vape battery. Although you might not think it, the battery actually makes up a large percentage of the unit. In fact, a lot of people would not be able to use a typical electronic device without a cigarette lighter. With this type of hand held vaporizer, the battery actually acts as the power source.

vape battery

How does a Vape Battery actually work? There are two main parts to a vaporizer: the heating element or coil, which distributes heat through the coils; and the wick, which collects the vapour which is dispersed by the heat. Inside the heating element or coil is a small heating coil. The coil is made out of copper or stainless steel. Inside the coil is a small heating chamber which creates the vapour.

So, how do we power a Vape Battery? We start off with the standard method of using your car cigarette lighter to charge it up. This is a good method if you only plan on using your Vape Battery outside or in an open area because it is fairly safe to use even with a completely charged unit. However, if you plan on using your Vape Battery inside or even in a more closed off area such as your home, then you need to make sure the unit is fully charged before you start using it. If not, the coil may overheat and burn out, causing damage to your electronic device or even a fire.

Many people like to use their Vape Batteries inside their desktop computers. The problem with this type of setup is that if the coils are overheated they can cause the computer processor to get too hot, which will lead to complications such as permanent damage to the chip and possibly permanent loss of the processor. Due to the nature of the electronic components inside the laptop, a lot of heat is generated which can easily damage the electronic components.

So, if we can’t charge our Vaping Device, how do we load it up with e juice? One option is purchasing some standard PC boards and screws which you can connect to your cigarette lighter and USB port of your computer. Once you have completed connecting the PC board to your computer, plug in the USB cord into the cigarette lighter and then light up your Vape Battery. You can then load your Vape battery with any of the many different kinds of E Juice kits that are available for purchase.

So, now that we know how to charge our Vapes, what about how to load them up with e juice? Some prefer to use pre-made cartridges in their PCs or laptops while others prefer to purchase small, plastic like, boxes of their favorite E Juice Kits. Most standard PC boards or even smaller sized plastic boxes of E Juice Kits contain the batteries, atomizers and connectors that you will need to load your own personal E Juice. Many times you can find a box mod or two that has several different kinds of pre-made cartridges that you can load into your box mod.

When using pre-made cartridges with your computer or laptop, the main disadvantage is that these usually only allow you to charge the internal batteries of your device. Meaning, they can only be used with your electronic devices and not any kind of cell phone or power supplies. This can limit you in the kind of applications that you can use your vaporizer for because many electronic devices require you to have a good amount of current in order to work properly. Since the internal batteries are charged through a USB port, you may run into problems with unplugging your device or getting an insufficient amount of power to use your E Juice. This means that most internal batteries that you purchase for your mod must be compatible with the voltage output of your computer or laptop and the wattage requirements of your personal vaporizer.

On the other hand, many people are turning to single serve or box mod for their personal preferences and power needs. These are battery devices that allow you to enjoy only one flavor of your favorite e juice at a time without having to replace the entire cartridge. You also have the option to load only the correct amount of the juice into the tanks of your mod, which allows you to avoid having to worry about voltage or wattage issues. There are several different types of single serve or box mods available on the market today, but you may want to check around first to find out which one would best fit your personal preference and power needs.