IJOY Captain Mercury JUPITER Pod Shogun Diamond review

I received a pod IJOY Mercury AI system for the purposes of this review.



IJOY pod system is available in several colors:


– Red

– Black

– Blue




– Size: 28 x 13 x 90.5mm

– liquid capacity E: 2ml

– Battery capacity: 450mAh

– Resistance: 1.6ohm

– Watt: 15W (max)

– Charging time: 45 minutes

– Ports load: Micro USB




  • Chipset IWEPAL to ensure a stable output
  • Some protection for high performance
  • The indicator light for easy operation
  • Battery capacity 450mAh
  • 2ml capacity liquid
  • Can fill taste different e-juice


In the box:


– The AI ​​Module

– longe

– USB cable

– User’s Guide


IJOY JUPITER Pod ment system for use with a liquid of high e nicotine, nic molten salt. I pod system is a very small device, I can say that this is one of the smallest I’ve ever tried. The device is also very light, perfect for the pod system. You can buy this device in three different colors, I received a black and looks good in my opinion. The colors look very beautiful, has a matte finish and it feels great in the hand. As I said, it is very light, but it still looks like it has a very good quality and it is aluminum. In the package, you’ll receive a nice cord to wear the device around your neck if you like, so I belive that someone like this along, it was very nice to see that in the package.


Let’s start from the cartridge when you receive your device will look at the bottom piece of the tape cartridge to prevent this device to turn on and protection of the funnel, which is nice. Funnel well, it was comfortable and I can not say anything bad about the funnel, for me it was good. Cartridge is a lovely place and there was no magnet, but still very nice and there is no possibility that the cartridge may fall. In the slot device you can see two IJOY Shogun and make the cartridge in a very tight spot.

The bottom of the cartridge has no connection, there is also a place where the cartridge may be filled with an liquid and there is a hole for the air flow. So, the bottom is a rubber plug that you need to fill the cartridge. Holes Liquid e is great for the pod system and you will not have problems as possible, I use bottled gorilla and I have no problem with that. It is very easy to fill the cartridge you simply remove the rubber stopper with e liquid filling and replace the cap. 2ml capacity of the cartridge, which is good and most of the pod system has a capacity of 2 ml, if you use your nic saline should be in this device, it can easily last you all day because you can not be chain liquid high nic vape. The size of the air flow hole is 1.5 mm x 2.5 mm below. You can expect some condensation, but this is normal, you can not clean it once a day and you’ll be fine. In no coil cartridge with a 1.6ohm resistance.

This unit has a beautiful color and feels good in the hand, the device can see AI recorded and that’s basically all, this device is very clean. From the top of the device there is a slot where the cartridge is placed and you can see the connections of a gold plated spring here. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port and you can see the two screws. In the device, you can be seen two drain holes to salt air, one on one side and the other hole on the other side, through the air hole is the hole in the cartridge and then to the coil.

On the device, you can also see the LEDs. No fire button activates AI pod automatically when Vape, whenever VAPE light will be green. When the cartridge is removed or when you put in the slot, a green light will be in devive, if there is a short circuit, the LED blinks three times.

This device has a built-in battery with 450 mAh capacity, capacity that is good for the pod system is very low. When the battery is empty the light flashes 10 times, and the camera turns off when the device in the charger, you will see a red light when the battery is fully charged, you will see a green light. Charging time for this unit is 45 minutes.


Use of the product:


First, I want to say once again that it is a very compact, suitable for stealth vaporizer, which is easy to use and can be handheld wherever you go, you can use the cable packing and take. The battery capacity is good in my opinion and I think a battery that will last all day with a middle course Vaper nic salt. The device of airflow is good, the flow of inlet air through the two holes in the device, and then turned to the coil through holes cartridge (hole size of 1, 5 mm x 2.5 mm). Not very attractive strict, but not loose, it’s something in between, you can have a decent mtl dl and can spray spray, but very, very tight, almost impossible, which is very good for MTL device. He hits the throat is very good, very good steam IJOY Diamond for the sheath system. Personally, I like MTL tight tie, but I can say that the air flow here should be good for most mtl vapers. I’ve only found two drawbacks for this camera, I want a more cartridge in the package and want to see the battery indicator. Basically, this unit works as it should, so I can not complain and would recommend.



– Only one cartridge in the package, there must be two

– The battery indicator will be fun




– a small device

– It works well

– 450mAh battery

– Good build quality

– good color quality

– Traka

– It’s easy to fill the cartridge


You can buy it here: IJOY Captain


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