Top 3 Accessories You May Want to Buy For Your Vape Battery

Some smaller varieties of electronic pens are also called e-bills because of the fact that only the pen’s body is primarily made from the e-battery. Many larger vaporizers and box mods also contain a special Vapor Cube battery, but in recent years the word battery has also been used much more interchangeably for smaller pen-sized vaporizers which are usually just a flat coil and simple battery. However, regardless of how they’re called the Vaporizer Battery is a very important part of any good vaporizer.

vape battery

One of the biggest mistakes many first time users make when using their new Vaporizer is believing that since it is called a Vaporizer it must have a thread on the bottom or else they’ll need an oil cartridge to go with it. Nothing could be further from the truth! While the bottom may have a thread where you can insert your oil cartridge, there is no such thing as a thread on the bottom of a vaporizer. The reason why they call it a thread vaporizer is because it has a “threaded body”. It was the developers of the original Vape Pens who knew that someday we’d be using them to enjoy our favorite herbal teas, and so they named their tiny little pen something resembling a tea pot that was lined with aromatic herbs just like the real thing.

Another mistake made by many new and inexperienced users of Vaporizers, especially those who use box mods, is to believe that if you unplug them while they are still plugged in them will still work. This is not true however, because just like the batteries in your phone and MP3 players they need to have a plug in outlet. There is just one thing that separates these little vaporizing marvels from the typical pen and cartridge combination; the batteries are discrete. They don’t plug into anything, so while your everyday cell phone thinks it’s charging, your mod turns on, then powers down on its own without needing to become overly hot and thereby damaging your device.

Many people don’t realize that there are 2 types of vaporizer: rechargeable and disposable. Both have their own set of vaporizer accessories and vapors, but the rechargeable ones can actually be refilled. To do this you must unscrew the top (the part you can’t see) and insert the battery into the charging port. Then you simply replace the top on your vaporizer and you’re ready for another round of vaping.

Using a disposable mod is pretty easy actually. Just insert the battery into the port, screw on the battery cap, then light the button down. Very easy, isn’t it? Vaping with a disposable mod has its pros and cons, but they pale in comparison to using a rechargeable battery for your vaporizers.

One of the most convenient devices to have when you decide to jump from your normal battery powered computer device to your modded one is a rapid charger. The quick charge allows you to juice up your juices in less than thirty seconds! The fast rate of charge means that you can get a lot more juice out of your refill than you could from using the normal battery chargers. If you love your vaporizers and want to ensure that you always have plenty of juice when you need it, then make sure you get a good USB charger to go with your vaporizer.

Another cool accessory for your Vaporizer is a box mod. There are two kinds of box mods: the standard and the slim styles. Most box mods take between three to five hours to heat up and turn on completely. These are great for people who only want to have one vaporizer but enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly heat up a few vapes whenever they feel the need to get away from the computer for a little bit.

Finally, if you want to go the extra mile and go the green way, then why not get a Green Light cartridge? Green Light cartridges use new and environmentally safe high quality water-based ink cartridges that produce light emitting dyes. These cartridges produce red, blue, and green colors that are visible from far away. These types of cartridges are made of durable glass and are safe for you and the environment.