Types of Vaping Devices

A Vaporizer Mod is an accessory to any vaporizer. It changes the way you use your mod. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all the vaporizer mod types available but rather to highlight the key differences between them. If you are unsure what type of vaporizer you should get then just read our reviews for some ideas!

vape mod

‘Vaporizers do what they say on the tin’ – they modulate the temperature control of your device. Over time, the word ‘mod’ has become to basically mean any electronic device that uses electronics and/or modulates the temperature. An experienced vaper tends to refer to their entire vaporizer set as a ‘mod’ and will carry it with them everywhere. For those of us who like to use their mod on the go then a good quality portable mod would be the way to go.

The Vape Mod is one of the most popular mod types. It is very easy to use and has an extremely long battery life. Most Vape Mods will hold up to 600 watts so you can get hours of constant use out of yours. Some models come with their own rechargeable battery packs so if that is important to you then this is a great choice. If you prefer to have your mod with a standard cigarette battery then you may want to look at the alternate battery packs available for these types of Vaporizers. With a typical mod you will generally need to change the batteries between sessions if you intend to get more than a few hours of continuous use from it.

If you like the idea of dripping your liquids directly to your skin, you may want to think about investing in a new vapor production unit. These devices come in two forms, a USB powered or a lithium ion battery powered. The differences are fairly minimal except for the fact that the lithium ion models allow for quick battery changes. For the most part these new vapor production units still work the same and produce the same amount of vapor.

The newest type of Vape Mod on the market is the tank system. You basically turn your Vape Mod into a tank and place your liquid inside of it. This type of mod requires that you remove the bottom plate from your device before you fill anything. The reason why you need to remove the bottom plate is to allow the e-liquid to pass through the tank without slowing down or damaging the battery. Your average e-liquid produces a velocity of about 30 miles per hour, which means that you can turn your Vape Mod into a constant stream of vapor production for hours on end.

For even greater atomization and higher wattage you can utilize what is called a “micro usb” mod. These types of mods utilize batteries that are much smaller than the typical 18-volt batteries that power most vapor producing devices. While the power output from these mods is comparable to some high wattage devices, they are much safer to use due to the lack of increased risk of electrical overheating and potential electrical fire.

The final type of Vaping device that we will discuss is the “boxes”. These are basically small plastic boxes with a USB connection that house your mod inside of them. The USB connection is used to power the LED display, which is what actually shows the amount of watts your device is producing.

The main benefit to these box mod vapes is the added safety. They allow vapers to control the fire button by either physically touching the front or by pressing a handy remote control. Many devices allow you to do both but the remote really helps to prevent accidental fires. It is also helpful to keep all of your personal items out of the ash pan in case the fire does cause damage to your items. The fire button is also easier to turn off than an analog clock in many cases.